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26.12.2012 10:33

Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?

Why do we celebrate Christmas, A "Mass" for Christ, each year? Why do we shop and give out gifts, Basking in Christmas cheer? Our joy is based in the Gospel, The amazing "good news" of Christ; We’re grateful for what He gave to us And all He sacrificed. Priceless gifts He...
26.12.2012 10:33

Why We Celebrate

Why do we celebrate Jesus’ birth at Christmas, though we don’t know when He was born? It was necessary and inevitable that we select a date to celebrate an eternal miracle-- the coming to earth of God in human form...Jesus, Who changed the entire world with His message of...
26.12.2012 10:31

Christmas Blessing

Dear Lord, We thank You for being here with us as we celebrate this cherished holiday to honor Your precious, sacred birth. We recognize and acknowledge that all the material pleasures we enjoy today, the food, the gifts, and everything else come from You, Lord, through your grace, your...
26.12.2012 10:30

A Different Kind Of Christmas

Sometimes Christmas is just overwhelming, it seems, As we rush around buying up stuff. We spend without end, and we rack up those bills, But it feels like it's never enough. So this Christmas, let's all take a different approach: Let's try to be more in accord With God's Christmas gift,...
26.12.2012 10:28

Thanksgiving Feasting

When the Halloween pumpkins are gone, And the leaves have all fallen to ground, When the air has turned windy and cold, Then Thanksgiving will soon be around. Thoughts of loved ones all feasting together, Pleasant pictures from past times appear To dwell in each heart and each...
26.12.2012 02:05

God in the Seasons

Lord, In Spring we are reminded of the magnificence of Your creation, as the earth is covered in verdant green, with splendid splashes of color, and we witness birth everywhere, of animals bearing their young, of buds turning into leaves and flowers and our own moods being reborn with...
26.12.2012 02:04

Come To Jesus

Isn’t there more to life? Is this all there is? Imprisoned by our need for control, trapped by insatiable desires for worldly pleasures, we are oppressed by our desperate hunger for approval and love from everyone except the One who loves us most. Straining, fighting to...
26.12.2012 02:03

I’m Trying, But

I’m trying, but… what I want to do, I don’t do enough of, and what I don’t want to do, I do too much of. I know the rules for a Christian life, according to the Bible, and I’m trying; I really am, but… heaven and eternity seem so far away, and the rampantly materialistic world presses...
26.12.2012 02:02

We Need You, Lord

We need you, Lord. Like lost wanderers in a burning, empty desert thirst for cool, clean water, we long for you to quench us. In a world gone progressively mad, with chaos all around us, we seek refuge in the order and purpose of your law. With evil sneaking, leaking everywhere, spreading...
26.12.2012 02:00

You’re Always There for M

When the world comes crashing in And chaos rules my mind, I turn my heart to you, Lord, And pure, sweet peace I find. You lift me out of trouble You comfort me in pain; You nourish, heal and cleanse me, Like cool, refreshing rain. In times of joy and bliss, When things are going...


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